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Founder, Looks Like Me

For over a decade, Selma has worked in theatre & dance as a freelance Producer and arts facilitator

committed to increasing inclusive opportunities for people

My journey…

Looks Like Me

Selma Nicholls, Casting Director of Looks Like Me casting, raises the profile of underrepresented groups featured in mainstream content, celebrating an inclusive spectrum of people through casting.  Selma is a member of the CDA- Casting Directors Association.

With more than an decade of experience working as a producer in theatre and dance since graduating from London Contemporary Dance School, Selma has worked on productions with organisations such as East London Dance (eld), LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre) and Creative Engagement, following her dream to work in the arts sector.

Increasingly, Selma realised there was a gap in the market to give underrepresented groups visibility in the arts and fashion world and to drive advertising communications to do the same. So in 2016, she set up her own talent agency to do just that.

The name of the agency, Looks Like Me, was inspired by her three year old daughter, Riley-Ann, who questioned her own identity when she saw limited imagery of children that looked like her in the media and asked why. With a background in creating content, casting and production, Selma designed and developed tailored workshops, editorials and castings that would open the door for black and ethnic minority groups to be more visible by challenging the status quo in the world of brand communications.

As a respected artist in creative and fashion circles, Selma has also taken on several board level responsibilities at both influential community organisations and thriving businesses in her industry to support the arts, Selma is a Board of Trustee at Punchdrunk Charity.

Three months after launching Looks Like Me, Selma became co-founder and casting director of The #SOWhiteProject, set up to normalise diverse imagery through real life photography and challenge the advertising world to represent society fairly, Selma was interviewed on BBC and ITV in December 2016 to counter the “cultural white-wash” and launch #christmasSOwhite campaign nationally, supported by the Advertising Diversity Taskforce.

During the last five years, Selma was the casting director for several brand campaigns , credits include, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Warner Music, Nickelodeon, Costa, Heathrow, George Asda, LEGO and additional casting for Brown Skin Girl, a film by Beyonce #BLACKISKING and many more.

Award winner, of the 2018 BBBA (Black British Business Award) Arts & Media Senior Leader and became a WACL (Women in Advertising and Communications London) Future Leader in 2020.

As a global public speaker, Selma demonstrates the importance of representation in casting and content and was guest speaker at AdWeek 2020 panel ‘Reimagine Christmas on Pinterest’ and Viacom CBS Inclusion Week ‘Be you. Belong’.

Selma lives and works in Tottenham, north London with her daughter.  As a dedicated casting director, she loves to spend time teaching her daughter about the importance of Ubuntu, the arts & culture and abundance living (the world of possibilities & opportunities).  When she is not working and being a loving mother, Selma enjoys travelling the world, roller-skating and Salsa dancing.

Let’s talk about how we can make things better…

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